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There’s not much in the world of web, design and marketing that we don’t get…

Graphic Design

We firmly believe that design is everywhere. It’s all around us but is more than just pretty pictures. Our graphic design is a fusion of our innovative thinking to produce highly creative solutions that tie-in with your brand and helps you see a return from the hard earned cash you invest. From a small-scale business card, to ten tonne lorry livery and everything in between, no graphic design project is too small or big for Designjam.

Web Design

We pride ourselves on creating bespoke, tailor-made websites which are not only technically sound but look really attractive too! From simple content-managed websites to bigger e-commerce sites, we jump feet first with enthusiasm into any web design brief. Our web design takes care of your site in a number of ways. We make sure your website is nice to look at, functions the way it should, performs well and is pro-active in order to drive, stimulate, retain and convert visitors to your site.


Your website is your shop front, online salesperson and portal to the outside world. We call upon our expertise to market your new site effectively (after all, there’s no point splashing out on a stylish new website if nobody knows about it). We use a combination of direct marketing, SEO, social media and pay per click to tell the world about your website and unlock it’s full potential.

We can help deliver effective brand messaging that is simple, relevant, creative, consistent, constant and unique to you. Using our marketing toolkit, we help you communicate with your customers and make you stand out in what are often very crowded market places.