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UPDATE: Google ditch authorship image in search results

It may feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail when it comes to Google, trying to digest their regular updates and keep up with every article they post. Admittedly, it can feel like you’re on a continual race and always that little bit behind...

It is our job as a leading Salisbury SEO agency to keep up to speed with the latest developments in Google and shout about them.

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the world of Google is constantly changing and developing and the designjam team are always striving to keep up with these changes.

Google has recently announced a change in the way that authorship is set to be shown in mobile and desktop search results.

Google have explained they have been conducting studies to clean up the visual design of search results and have been paying close attention to creating a better experience for those using a mobile device.

Google say they want to achieve a more consistent design across all devices and adopt a more simplified approach to the way Google authorship is displayed, and have been piloting certain changes which are set to be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.

So, what’s changing?

Under Google’s changes:

  • The author’s image will no longer be shown
  • The byline with the author’s name will still be displayed
  • The G+ circle count will no longer be displayed

Google have also indicated that click through rate (CTR) using the less cluttered design is not dramatically different compared to the way the previous authorship was displayed in search results.

Although the emphasis has now been taken off the display of the image, the idea of connecting the writer to compelling and interesting content remains of paramount importance.