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Tackling the myths of Google+ for businesses

Authorship markup in Google+ showing SEO Salisbury and it's benefits

So you’ve got to grips with Facebook, mastered your tweets and are happy with hashtags, now you hear designjam talk about Google+ (oh no we hear you say!)

Those outside of the industry are generally under the preconception that Google+ is just another social network and one that isn’t as popular or doesn’t hold as much weight as other sites like Twitter or Facebook.

This idea couldn’t be more wrong and we come across this mindset often when we are speaking about social networking with our clients.

If you have typed SEO Salisbury into Google, you have come to the right place. We are constantly keeping up to speed with the latest changes in Google’s algorithms and the impact these have on our clients’ goals and intentions.

One myth we want to dispel immediately is that Google+ is ‘just another’ social networking tool. When it comes to SEO, Google loves nothing more than your business having a presence on its very own social media platform, meaning from an SEO perspective, Google+ is of paramount importance.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are valuable and important from a brand building perspective, they are great tools and clearly a popular mechanism to build brand awareness and generate a social interest in what you do, however they do not directly affect where your website appears or how it appears in Google’s search results.

Having a strong and active presence on Google+ is imperative. Google+ has numerous benefits which sets it apart from other social networking sites and gives it more weighting when it comes to an effective SEO campaign.

Every single piece of content posted on your Google+ page has the ability to rank in the search engines Every post has a unique URL and as people begin to interact with the content, it increases the potential for this content to rank in search results.

Google + boasts many benefits which help to make your business grow its online presence:


If you’ve visited designjam or had a conversation with us over the phone, you would have heard us discussing the rel=author markup function and its benefits.

This probably sounds more daunting than it actually is, but what it means for you and your business is that it links your Google+ personal profile to your own content on the web. This function gives your business an identity, crucial in the online world.

The rel=author markup helps to put a face to the content you produce and gives search engines a much better understanding of who you are and the sort of content you produce. The authorship connects a Google+ personal profile to a web page, blog post or article.

Google are trying to move away from a historically anonymous web to a web which is attributed to a ‘real person’. When content which you have authored ranks in the search engines, it will appear in the all-important search engine results page (SERP).

The authorship function helps your business/brand to effectively gain exposure and can increase your reach within search results.


Google+ also boasts a publisher function called rel=publisher. This tool is generally for business use and tells search engines that a specific Google+ business page is owned by a website/company.

For those searching Google for your business, a summary of information pulled from your Google+ page will appear, including map, images, contact information, opening hours and reviews.

The publisher function can lead to increased brand awareness for your business and the chances of increased visibility in Google.


This is a recent function within Google and applies to a certain number of local search results which trigger Google to display the carousel. Factors which include the number of +1’s on a Google+ business page have been considered important ranking factors for local search results to appear in the carousel.


  • Consider keywords when writing content, as Google+ will automatically include hashtags (#) where they think it is appropriate.  For example if you wanted to rank for graphic design Salisbury, consider your keywords when composing content and writing hashtags: #webdesignsalisbury.
  • Be mindful of which cover images you select for your Google+ profile from a responsive web design perspective. Bear in mind how these will look when the images are scaled up/down. Click here to read more about responsive web design Salisbury.
  • Increase the authority of your Google+ page by encouraging reviews. This is useful as it increases the likelihood of ranking well in the local search carousel.
  • Be sure to link your Google+ page to your website, this will increase your exposure on Google+ and make it easier for people to see you and connect.
  • Engage with other users and add people and pages to your circles. Google will rank you more highly within search results if you are producing content which leads to engagement with other users and you receiving +1’s.

When it comes to social media Salisbury, designjam recognise the benefits and uses of each social media platform and what they can bring to your business.

Each social media platform has its benefits but when it comes to SEO, Google+ is of paramount importance and brings with it a host of important benefits for your business.