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  • brochure design
  • company literature
  • graphic design special advisory project
Dryad Maritime

Discipline: Graphic Design, Direct Marketing

A bit about the client

Dryad Maritime is a specialist maritime intelligence agency providing risk forecasts and mitigation advice to mariners and associated personnel. Their intelligence is designed to help make planning and operational decisions before sailing, underway and at destination.

What we did

We started working with Dryad in September 2012, working with them to improve their direct marketing efforts through effective design, build and deployment of customised e-shots.

We have also worked closely with Dryad to improve the look and feel of both their corporate brochure pack and their “paid-for” special advisory reports, one of their key revenue streams.

Although we did not build the original Dryad website, we have since assisted with updates and improvements in line with their rapidly evolving business.