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Forget a stuffy company ethos jam-packed full of jargon…

Designjam collectively share one idea. It may sound simple, but it’s something we all feel passionately about…

Nobody enjoys an over-complex approach. It can be daunting, hard to follow and can suck the fun out of creativity, making ideas less enjoyable to develop. A simplified process is far more effective.

We offer a complete range of services and there’s not much in the world of web, design and marketing that we don’t get. What separates us from the rest is that we keep everything simple, enjoyable and jump feet first into your projects with the same level of enthusiasm and excitement as you.

We help you get to the finish line with the same level of enthusiasm as you had at the start of your project, with an end product you’ll be itching to shout about.

Designjam was born in 2009 and has since grown from strength to strength. With over 50 years combined experience and an office based in Salisbury’s bustling city centre, Designjam are at the heart of creativity and offer the perfect combination of experience, flair and passion to see your unique ideas take shape.

Alex O'Donnell

His picture may look like David Brent, but family-man Alex is very different to the Slough-based manager! Alex enjoys being a point of contact for our customers and brings a wealth of marketing experience and knowledge to Designjam.

Andy Webb

Andy is our creative design guru. Developing a passion for drawing at a very young age, Andy lives and breathes design and loves nothing more than creating new ideas, working with a variety of media and dealing with front-end graphics.

Jason Salmon

With expertise in the world of print-based design, Jason recognised the growing need for web design and moved into that arena to diversify our services. The team are very envious of Jason's strategic thinking and organisational skills.